Reiki is a type of healing therapy which the healer uses his or her palms. This technique is suggested for those who went through surgery such as artery bypass surgery. The main benefit you’ll get when you go through Reiki is healing itself. After artery bypass surgery, you will go through a lot of adjustments and along with that will be the different kinds of pain.

Before undergoing Reiki, you will be asked on which part of your body is painful. Although, there will be no actual contact between your body and the practitioner’s hand, this has to be done because the practitioner’s hands will be placed above the area to release the energy needed to start healing. The energy that will be released will help the patient heal physically and emotionally. The warmness that you will feel as the hands of the practitioner will be placed over you will make you regain lost energy after artery bypass surgery. 

Try talking to a patient, who went through Reiki after artery bypass surgery, they will mostly say that they feel more relaxed, calm and most especially relieved. The techniques allow you to release your stress as well. That is why it is advisable for those who went through artery bypass surgery. After all, stress after artery bypass surgery could be very intense.

The usual area that will be covered during the session would be your head, neck, front and back part of your body but other areas can also be covered depending on your request. That is why you will be assessed before the session starts.

Reiki is an old practice that is used several years ago. It has helped a lot of people with serious ailments. This is because it relieves stress and tension. And we should all know that most of our problems are due to stress. Our physical symptoms could sometimes be due to stress manifested by different kinds of diseases. This is not at all limited to those who went through artery bypass surgery. Even those who didn’t go through any surgery could undergo Reiki.

Another benefit that you can get with Reiki is that you can do it yourself. Of course, going through several sessions first before doing it yourself will help you a lot in learning Reiki. Although, the technique is not at all difficult; proper guidance is still needed. It is not all about learning how but it is about going through the process of receiving the energy that the Reiki practitioner gives you.

Furthermore, doing Reiki is very safe since there is no physical contact done or any incisions done. There is no known risk in doing Reiki. All you will gain from Reiki is the healing energy that will make things better for you physically and emotionally. You will soon realize that recovering from artery bypass surgery will be a lot easier of you feel good from within. You should always remember that our mind is powerful and that it could make a lot of difference. 

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