Heart bypass procedure involves stopping the heart during operation. But when you look at it, is it really possible to allow your heart to stop functioning? The answer is no, the pumping of blood and the circulation shouldn’t stop at all that is why a machine called cardiopulmonary bypass machine is used to do the work of the heart during the operation. A perfusionist will be the person who would operate the machine and would make sure that it would function well. They would see to it that there will be enough flow of blood circulating in your system during the entire heart bypass procedure. The perfusionist role is as important as the other roles of the surgery team because without the perfusionist monitoring the whole circulation then chances are things could go wrong and could even be fatal.

The perfusionist will see to it that the level of oxygen in your body is enough and that your body is not deprived of the oxygen needed for normal functioning. The perfusionist will also be the responsible for laboratory values such as circulation and blood cell count. They also work hand in hand with the anesthesiologist to see to it that all things are working well.         

Heart bypass procedure involves surgical team members that are proficient and efficient and along with this the perfusionist should be well trained and is capable of every action that he or she is doing. Remember that the perfusionist will be handling a very important part in the whole procedure and you just can’t allow anyone to handle this. It could create greater problems during the entire heart bypass procedure if the perfusionist is not able to do what is expected of him or her.

True enough, heart bypass procedure is considered a major surgery that requires a lot of changes that has to be considered. And you have to see to it that you trust the right team to handle heart bypass procedure because you really can’t afford to consider any mistake during the procedure because your life is at stake. You should remember that with heart bypass procedure, there will be changes before and after the surgery. And this will not be easy if your surgical team is not efficient enough to do what they are tasked to do.

In the end, you will realize that heart bypass procedure is aimed to make your heart function better but if the procedure is not done correctly then things could have been different. If you have the time to know who your surgical team would be then do it; but usually heart bypass procedure is an emergency case so you will have no chance to know how good your surgical team is. But if you do, be sure that you know how expert they are in this field and that they could really provide you with the optimum health that you deserve. After all, heart bypass procedure is aimed at giving you your life back and it will be if things will be done right with your heart bypass procedure. 

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