Walking down the hospital and preparing for an open heart surgery could be a long and dragging journey that seems to be never ending. Artery bypass surgery is one of the most crucial surgeries that one could ever take because you will never be sure on what would happen next to you. Yes, the surgery comes with risks. And whatever the result would be, one thing is for sure you have to prepare yourself and the people you love on whatever will happen to you. Getting in the operating room is one long journey with a topsy turvy road that could be hard to survive. But just like any other travel that we take, we need to go on to see what awaits us at the end of the road. The only way that we could see the next few steps of the road is to go on. If we don’t do anything then we will all end thinking on what it could be like if we tried. And so, whatever fear you have regarding the artery bypass surgery you can overcome it, own it and face all those fears. You might be surprised that you will not only survive it but thrive afterwards.

Yes, no words could ever define on what is the right way to prepare for a surgery. May it is a simple surgery or a crucial surgery such as artery bypass surgery, the important preparation that you need to do is to prepare yourself. Start it with acceptance. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor. They are the best person who could give you a reliable answer on what your status really is. Don’t be afraid on the answer that your doctor could give you. It could be positive but it could be negative as well, what’s important is you will be aware of the possibilities. Yes cry if you need to and allow yourself to feel the pain. Keeping all of these emotions within you will only make you feel worse. At this point, the only thing that you could do is make yourself feel better as much as you can, although it could be very impossible. But at least acknowledge the pain, worries and fears that you have. And by the way, remember that you have your family to back you up. It is not necessary that you carry the entire burden; it hurts your family more if you won’t let them help you go through this with you. For they too share the same fear and worry with you. And not letting them feel the pain as well would create greater tension for you which is the last thing you need at this point.

Preparing for the whole procedure will never be easy. But you could start it by orienting yourself with all the things about artery bypass surgery. It includes the procedure, surgeon, treatment and even other patients that went through the same procedure as you are about to go through. You should know how long the procedure could go and what possible complications would come along with the surgery. You should also know how long you would recover and what you could do after the surgery. Furthermore, the best preparation that you could do is to be with your family, be happy, live every moment and love deeply.

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