Double bypass surgery is done by a professional medical team that are definitely good at what they are doing. Since the this type surgery is a major surgery it would have to be done only by health practitioners who have many years of training and experience in what they are doing. The team who would be performing double bypass surgery involves the surgeons, anaesthesiologist and nurses. They all have their own role in the course of the operation and each task is very important.  Their function in the whole double bypass surgery starts even before the surgery and continues after the surgery.

First on the list will be your surgeon. Your first contact with your surgeon will be before the surgery would actually place. You will be discussing all the issues regarding double bypass surgery with your doctor. This is one of the important roles of surgeons that shouldn’t be taken for granted. You will also have the chance to talk to your doctor about how you feel regarding the surgery and you could ask anything that concerns you about the surgery as a whole. You have to remember that during the surgery you will have no chance to talk to your surgeon so this will be the best time to say whatever it is that you are keeping inside.

In double bypass surgery, there will be two surgeons involved. More than one surgeon is called for due to the highly skilled needs of this surgery as well as opening and closing of the heart and for harvesting the graft material. And all major surgeries have assistants because there are certain roles that only surgeons can portray and one doctor will not be enough to handle the roles required. And of course, your surgeon will surely be busy repairing and stitching and another doctor has to do the checking of your status.

Another member of the team would be the anaesthesiologist. Just like the surgeon, you will probably meet your anaesthesiologist the night before the heart surgery because they will have to ask you some information that they need to secure that you will be able to deal with the anaesthesia that they will be giving you. And they have specific instructions as well that they need to tell you prior to the operation. They would monitor you vital signs to see drastic change that could mean danger.  And thanks to your anaesthesiologist, you will be given pain medications so that you won’t really feel the pain from double bypass surgery.

Another part of the team will be the nurses, they will be there to assist the surgeons and anaesthesiologist and they will make sure that you are in a good state before, during and after the surgery. Lastly, the perfusionist, they are the one who would monitor and operate the heart lung bypass machine. The team does not end here after surgery your daily nurses will continue to monitor you, and make sure you are comfortable as well as making sure you are taking the proper medication. If you have any questions any of your team should be able to answer them for you.

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Their function in the whole double bypass surgery starts even before the surgery and continues after the surgery.


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