Double bypass surgery is done by a professional medical team that are definitely good at what they are doing. Since the this type surgery is a major surgery it would have to be done only by health practitioners who have many years of training and experience in what they are doing. The team who would be performing double bypass surgery involves the surgeons, anaesthesiologist and nurses. They all have their own role in the course of the operation and each task is very important.  Their function in the whole double bypass surgery starts even before the surgery and continues after the surgery.

First on the list will be your surgeon. Your first contact with your surgeon will be before the surgery would actually place. You will be discussing all the issues regarding double bypass surgery with your doctor. This is one of the important roles of surgeons that shouldn’t be taken for granted. You will also have the chance to talk to your doctor about how you feel regarding the surgery and you could ask anything that concerns you about the surgery as a whole. You have to remember that during the surgery you will have no chance to talk to your surgeon so this will be the best time to say whatever it is that you are keeping inside.

In double bypass surgery, there will be two surgeons involved. More than one surgeon is called for due to the highly skilled needs of this surgery as well as opening and closing of the heart and for harvesting the graft material. And all major surgeries have assistants because there are certain roles that only surgeons can portray and one doctor will not be enough to handle the roles required. And of course, your surgeon will surely be busy repairing and stitching and another doctor has to do the checking of your status.

Another member of the team would be the anaesthesiologist. Just like the surgeon, you will probably meet your anaesthesiologist the night before the heart surgery because they will have to ask you some information that they need to secure that you will be able to deal with the anaesthesia that they will be giving you. And they have specific instructions as well that they need to tell you prior to the operation. They would monitor you vital signs to see drastic change that could mean danger.  And thanks to your anaesthesiologist, you will be given pain medications so that you won’t really feel the pain from double bypass surgery.

Another part of the team will be the nurses, they will be there to assist the surgeons and anaesthesiologist and they will make sure that you are in a good state before, during and after the surgery. Lastly, the perfusionist, they are the one who would monitor and operate the heart lung bypass machine. The team does not end here after surgery your daily nurses will continue to monitor you, and make sure you are comfortable as well as making sure you are taking the proper medication. If you have any questions any of your team should be able to answer them for you.

Heart bypass procedure involves stopping the heart during operation. But when you look at it, is it really possible to allow your heart to stop functioning? The answer is no, the pumping of blood and the circulation shouldn’t stop at all that is why a machine called cardiopulmonary bypass machine is used to do the work of the heart during the operation. A perfusionist will be the person who would operate the machine and would make sure that it would function well. They would see to it that there will be enough flow of blood circulating in your system during the entire heart bypass procedure. The perfusionist role is as important as the other roles of the surgery team because without the perfusionist monitoring the whole circulation then chances are things could go wrong and could even be fatal.

The perfusionist will see to it that the level of oxygen in your body is enough and that your body is not deprived of the oxygen needed for normal functioning. The perfusionist will also be the responsible for laboratory values such as circulation and blood cell count. They also work hand in hand with the anesthesiologist to see to it that all things are working well.         

Heart bypass procedure involves surgical team members that are proficient and efficient and along with this the perfusionist should be well trained and is capable of every action that he or she is doing. Remember that the perfusionist will be handling a very important part in the whole procedure and you just can’t allow anyone to handle this. It could create greater problems during the entire heart bypass procedure if the perfusionist is not able to do what is expected of him or her.

True enough, heart bypass procedure is considered a major surgery that requires a lot of changes that has to be considered. And you have to see to it that you trust the right team to handle heart bypass procedure because you really can’t afford to consider any mistake during the procedure because your life is at stake. You should remember that with heart bypass procedure, there will be changes before and after the surgery. And this will not be easy if your surgical team is not efficient enough to do what they are tasked to do.

In the end, you will realize that heart bypass procedure is aimed to make your heart function better but if the procedure is not done correctly then things could have been different. If you have the time to know who your surgical team would be then do it; but usually heart bypass procedure is an emergency case so you will have no chance to know how good your surgical team is. But if you do, be sure that you know how expert they are in this field and that they could really provide you with the optimum health that you deserve. After all, heart bypass procedure is aimed at giving you your life back and it will be if things will be done right with your heart bypass procedure. 

When you think of a patient who survived cardiac bypass surgery, you would actually see a strong person who was able to get through a tough fight. But what you don’t know is that despite the fact that the patients have survived the surgery already, he or she is going through a tough fight each and every day. That is simply the reason why cardiac rehabilitation is normally advised so that the patient will be guided. With cardiac rehabilitation, you will be guided on the food you eat, the things you do and the medications you take. And more importantly, you will be monitored on how well you are recovering.

If you are on a cardiac rehab, your physician will have the chance to monitor you closely. Your doctor will get all the information they need especially when it is about your health. Through this they will have the chance to monitor your current situation, whether you are recovering or not. However, being in a cardiac rehab program alone does not guarantee your recovery. Your participation will be needed. The rehab is just like a guidance that will show you what are the things that you are expected to do.

You will be going through several check-up every week just to be sure that your heart will be monitored well, whether your heart is compensating well with all of the treatments you are given. But if your heart is not compensating well then there will be a change of course that is why it’s very important that you go through several steps.

When it comes to the exercise part, the first step would be to take few routines just to see to how far your heart could go. You will be monitored very carefully so that you will not be doing the exercise that you are not able to do. You should know that the set of exercise that will be given to you should depend on your heart status. A patient will actually be categorized according to four classifications. The first would be the patients that are healthy; they will not be given limitations when it comes to exercises. The next two categories are for those who had the surgery. They will have some limitations, those exercises that their heart could not yet support will be restricted. The last category would be the one that patients will be on a strict monitoring.

Indeed, cardiac rehabilitation entails a lot of work to be done. It is not just a simple treatment that promises you that you will feel better after you comply with everything that will be given. Your mental attitude will play a great role in cardiac bypass recovery as the cardiac rehab will have good days and bad days. Some days you may feel like you can do the work and other days it will be a challenge to get through it. The Cardiac Rehab team will give you the encouragement and support you need so lean on them when you are having the rough days. This is just one step to get you closer toward a life with a healthy heart.   

As much as possible we don’t want to undergo any surgery especially Coronary Bypass. We often hear that the best prevention to any surgery not just heart surgery is healthy living. However, not all of us know what healthy living really means. To some healthy living simply means doing exercises while to some healthy living simply means avoiding any vices such as smoking and drinking. But the truth is healthy living involves a lot of factors. Healthy living means eating healthy, exercising safely and doing the righteous things for your health. All of this has to go hand in hand for you to be healthy in most ways.

Unfortunately, having a coronary artery bypass is sometimes inevitable. It could be through genetic or other predisposing factors that can’t be prevented. But if you can prevent a Coronary Bypass then do it. The first way to prevent coronary bypass is to quit smoking. This is if you are smoking. But you should know that second hand smoking will also affect you, so if you have people around you who keep on smoking ask them to spoke outside. We can never make someone else stop but sharing your concerns with them and asking them to not smoke around you is a way of being proactive in your life. It could be hard to keep your boundaries with them smoking outside, but as with anything speak with love and care and those that care for you will usually not want to do things that are unhealthy for you. If you do smoke it is hard to quit, but check with your doctor on some tools that could make this easier, because as you know stopping smoking is hard not only on your circulation and heart but your lungs as well. If you have had Coronary Bypass then it will be even more essential that you get your doctors’ advice on tools to help you quit.

Another factor that would help you avoid coronary bypass would be consulting your physician as early as you can. Routine check-ups are very helpful for you to recognize potential problems. You could have other diseases that could lead to heart diseases and could later on complicate. There is a saying that goes “prevention is better than cure”, and it is indeed true. The best way to prevent any potential problem is to treat it even before it becomes a problem.

Diet is one great factor to prevent coronary bypass. Eating the right food will help you avoid any heart ailment that will need coronary bypass or any surgery. You should avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol. If you will be provided by your doctor with a particular diet then be sure that you follow it accordingly. Aside from eating healthy, you should also do some exercise. Sometimes, we can’t avoid eating foods with cholesterol. Exercising will help us burn those extra fats that are not needed in our body.

However, we can’t always control things. Despite all of the prevention that we do, we still have to face our fears regarding heart issues. If you are having heart symptoms you can talk to your trusted doctor on what will be the possible alternatives he or she could provide you. They will have to go through several tests if time allows them to do so, this way they will have an idea on what possible treatments they could provide you. Although there will be times that Coronary Bypass is the only solution given to you for your life to be saved, but as one that has gone through this surgery – you can get through it and not only live your life but you can love your life after Open Heart Surgery..

Reiki is a type of healing therapy which the healer uses his or her palms. This technique is suggested for those who went through surgery such as artery bypass surgery. The main benefit you’ll get when you go through Reiki is healing itself. After artery bypass surgery, you will go through a lot of adjustments and along with that will be the different kinds of pain.

Before undergoing Reiki, you will be asked on which part of your body is painful. Although, there will be no actual contact between your body and the practitioner’s hand, this has to be done because the practitioner’s hands will be placed above the area to release the energy needed to start healing. The energy that will be released will help the patient heal physically and emotionally. The warmness that you will feel as the hands of the practitioner will be placed over you will make you regain lost energy after artery bypass surgery. 

Try talking to a patient, who went through Reiki after artery bypass surgery, they will mostly say that they feel more relaxed, calm and most especially relieved. The techniques allow you to release your stress as well. That is why it is advisable for those who went through artery bypass surgery. After all, stress after artery bypass surgery could be very intense.

The usual area that will be covered during the session would be your head, neck, front and back part of your body but other areas can also be covered depending on your request. That is why you will be assessed before the session starts.

Reiki is an old practice that is used several years ago. It has helped a lot of people with serious ailments. This is because it relieves stress and tension. And we should all know that most of our problems are due to stress. Our physical symptoms could sometimes be due to stress manifested by different kinds of diseases. This is not at all limited to those who went through artery bypass surgery. Even those who didn’t go through any surgery could undergo Reiki.

Another benefit that you can get with Reiki is that you can do it yourself. Of course, going through several sessions first before doing it yourself will help you a lot in learning Reiki. Although, the technique is not at all difficult; proper guidance is still needed. It is not all about learning how but it is about going through the process of receiving the energy that the Reiki practitioner gives you.

Furthermore, doing Reiki is very safe since there is no physical contact done or any incisions done. There is no known risk in doing Reiki. All you will gain from Reiki is the healing energy that will make things better for you physically and emotionally. You will soon realize that recovering from artery bypass surgery will be a lot easier of you feel good from within. You should always remember that our mind is powerful and that it could make a lot of difference. 

Walking down the hospital and preparing for an open heart surgery could be a long and dragging journey that seems to be never ending. Artery bypass surgery is one of the most crucial surgeries that one could ever take because you will never be sure on what would happen next to you. Yes, the surgery comes with risks. And whatever the result would be, one thing is for sure you have to prepare yourself and the people you love on whatever will happen to you. Getting in the operating room is one long journey with a topsy turvy road that could be hard to survive. But just like any other travel that we take, we need to go on to see what awaits us at the end of the road. The only way that we could see the next few steps of the road is to go on. If we don’t do anything then we will all end thinking on what it could be like if we tried. And so, whatever fear you have regarding the artery bypass surgery you can overcome it, own it and face all those fears. You might be surprised that you will not only survive it but thrive afterwards.

Yes, no words could ever define on what is the right way to prepare for a surgery. May it is a simple surgery or a crucial surgery such as artery bypass surgery, the important preparation that you need to do is to prepare yourself. Start it with acceptance. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor. They are the best person who could give you a reliable answer on what your status really is. Don’t be afraid on the answer that your doctor could give you. It could be positive but it could be negative as well, what’s important is you will be aware of the possibilities. Yes cry if you need to and allow yourself to feel the pain. Keeping all of these emotions within you will only make you feel worse. At this point, the only thing that you could do is make yourself feel better as much as you can, although it could be very impossible. But at least acknowledge the pain, worries and fears that you have. And by the way, remember that you have your family to back you up. It is not necessary that you carry the entire burden; it hurts your family more if you won’t let them help you go through this with you. For they too share the same fear and worry with you. And not letting them feel the pain as well would create greater tension for you which is the last thing you need at this point.

Preparing for the whole procedure will never be easy. But you could start it by orienting yourself with all the things about artery bypass surgery. It includes the procedure, surgeon, treatment and even other patients that went through the same procedure as you are about to go through. You should know how long the procedure could go and what possible complications would come along with the surgery. You should also know how long you would recover and what you could do after the surgery. Furthermore, the best preparation that you could do is to be with your family, be happy, live every moment and love deeply.


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