As much as possible we don’t want to undergo any surgery especially Coronary Bypass. We often hear that the best prevention to any surgery not just heart surgery is healthy living. However, not all of us know what healthy living really means. To some healthy living simply means doing exercises while to some healthy living simply means avoiding any vices such as smoking and drinking. But the truth is healthy living involves a lot of factors. Healthy living means eating healthy, exercising safely and doing the righteous things for your health. All of this has to go hand in hand for you to be healthy in most ways.

Unfortunately, having a coronary artery bypass is sometimes inevitable. It could be through genetic or other predisposing factors that can’t be prevented. But if you can prevent a Coronary Bypass then do it. The first way to prevent coronary bypass is to quit smoking. This is if you are smoking. But you should know that second hand smoking will also affect you, so if you have people around you who keep on smoking ask them to spoke outside. We can never make someone else stop but sharing your concerns with them and asking them to not smoke around you is a way of being proactive in your life. It could be hard to keep your boundaries with them smoking outside, but as with anything speak with love and care and those that care for you will usually not want to do things that are unhealthy for you. If you do smoke it is hard to quit, but check with your doctor on some tools that could make this easier, because as you know stopping smoking is hard not only on your circulation and heart but your lungs as well. If you have had Coronary Bypass then it will be even more essential that you get your doctors’ advice on tools to help you quit.

Another factor that would help you avoid coronary bypass would be consulting your physician as early as you can. Routine check-ups are very helpful for you to recognize potential problems. You could have other diseases that could lead to heart diseases and could later on complicate. There is a saying that goes “prevention is better than cure”, and it is indeed true. The best way to prevent any potential problem is to treat it even before it becomes a problem.

Diet is one great factor to prevent coronary bypass. Eating the right food will help you avoid any heart ailment that will need coronary bypass or any surgery. You should avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol. If you will be provided by your doctor with a particular diet then be sure that you follow it accordingly. Aside from eating healthy, you should also do some exercise. Sometimes, we can’t avoid eating foods with cholesterol. Exercising will help us burn those extra fats that are not needed in our body.

However, we can’t always control things. Despite all of the prevention that we do, we still have to face our fears regarding heart issues. If you are having heart symptoms you can talk to your trusted doctor on what will be the possible alternatives he or she could provide you. They will have to go through several tests if time allows them to do so, this way they will have an idea on what possible treatments they could provide you. Although there will be times that Coronary Bypass is the only solution given to you for your life to be saved, but as one that has gone through this surgery – you can get through it and not only live your life but you can love your life after Open Heart Surgery..

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